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Artful playful mindful
Artful, Playful, Mindful

A New Orff-Schulwerk Curriculum for Music Making and Music Thinking

Jane Frazee

In this latest book, new considerations are offered regarding the unique contribution of music to the lives of all students. You will discover how music learning relates to all learning, and you will find a curriculum model that inspires you and your students to make music, to make up music, and to make sense of music.

Schott, 2012        90 pages     ISBN 978-1847612854

Discovering Orff

A Curriculum for Music Teachers

Jane Frazee with Kent Kreuter

This book describes the basic ideas of Orff-Schulwerk for the classroom in the US. It states concretely how its media, pedagogy and theory must be interwoven in order to give whole classes and individual children musical competence. It also serves as a motivating source for teachers to set out on their own voyages of discovery to Orff-Schulwerk.

Schott, 1987        224 pages     ISBN 978-0-930448-99-8

Exploring Orff
Exploring Orff

A Teacher's Guide

Arvida Steen

Exploring Orff addresses the critical questions of 'How can I form a curriculum that addresses my students' needs', 'How can I choose the best materials for my lessons from the abundance of materials available' and 'How can I plan lessons that have a clear focus, and are also open to frequent student contributions?' A curriculum outline is presented, but it will be viewed as a flexible tool. Lessons suggestions for objectives are given.

Schott, 1993        376 pages    ISBN 0-930448-76-6

Orff Schulwerk Today
Orff Schulwerk Today

Nurturing musical expression and understanding

Jane Frazee

Seven master teachers share their classroom expertise and insights and more than 100 lesson suggestions are included that highlight musical elements and encourage self-expression. A CD of listening examples from a variety of historical periods and cultural contexts is also included.

Schott, 2006        255 pages    ISBN 1902455673

Play Sing Dance
Play, Sing & Dance

An Introduction to Orff Schulwerk

Doug Goodkin

What is Orff Schulwerk? The story of Orff Schulwerk | Orff Media | Elemental Style

Teacher and performer Doug Goodkin presents an overview of the dynamic approach to music education known as Orff Schulwerk. In this comprehensive look at the many facets of this timeless practice, the author hopes to re-imagine its import in the lives of children, schools and culture at large in contemporary times. 

Schott, 2013        200 pages    ISBN 978-1902455075

Music for Children 3
Music for Children Vol 3 - Upper Elementary

Hermann Regner (Coordinator)

American Edition (1977) to satisfy the requirements of a different educational system and national heritage. Music for Children is a stimulating source of material for music teaching.

Schott, 1977        352 pages    ISBN 9780930448042

Singing Games Children Love 1
Singing Games Children Love Vol 1    Book + CD 

Denise Gagné


More than 60 name games, winding games, guessing games, acting games, choosing games, group chase games, chase games, beat-keeping games, hiding games, find a new partner games, and cumulative games! Directions for each game are included. Games are listed by type of games, as well as by melodic and rhythmic concepts.

Theme & Variations, 1997  ISBN 9780930448042

Listening, Creating, Moving

Ideas for music lessons

Jeffery Leask and Barry Lucas


Curiosity, involvement and creativity are the key words. Cross-curriculum

Ashton Scholastic, 1990       104 pages  ISBN 868965995

Join in the fun

Join in the Fun

15 Original songs for marimba/tuned percussion + CD

Sharee Bahr

This exciting resource contains 15 original songs for marimba and/or tuned percussion instruments composed by Tasmanian music educator Sharee Bahr. Sahree's 1st book, 'Join in the Fun!' is a very engaging collection of songs which will quickly become favourites with students from Prep-Year 8. Based in Hobart, Sharee has been teaching Music in primary schools in southern Tasmania for over 25 years.

      2015          45 pages

Songs in Action
Songs in Action

104 songs

Lesson planning , music fundamentals

R. Phyllis Gelineau

From the song comes the action and from the action comes the learning. This is the assumption on which this book is based. A variety of related musical experiences and cross-curricula suggestions are offered. The broad repertoire of song material seeks to provide for all levels of interest and achievement and to embrace a wide variety of traditional, contemporary and world folk music. In addition to the activities, related materials and suggested learnings suggested for each song, a brief overview of general information pertaining to the teaching of music in the elementary school is provided. Part II contains instructional sections on playing the harmonica, piano, autoharp and ukulele. 

McGraw-Hill, c1974   317 pages    ISBN 0070230714

That's So Orff!
That's So Orff!

Lessons, songs and activities for Elementary classroom + CD

Jennifer Kamradt

Offers appealing new lessons for the elementary music classroom by incorporating improvisation, movement, and props. The engaging, easy-to-use activities are designed for experienced music teachers and novices alike. Complete, delightful lessons with a step-by-step process make the pieces accessible for everyone and give students the chance to explore music through the Orff process. The accompanying Data CD allows for projection of the arrangements and greater interaction in the classroom.

Alfred Music, 2013  40 pages    ISBN 978-1470610371

Orff Instrument Source Book 1
Orff Instrument Sourcebook Vol 1

Song repertoire with Orff orchestration

Elizabeth Nichols

These are detailed, self-contained lessons designed to introduce children to music and the creative experience through Orff instruments. Considerable emphasis has been given to developing movement and drama with each song.

Alfred Music, 2003     90 pages    ISBN 978-0757913235


Apusskidu - songs for children

Collection of 56 music hall songs, pop songs, noisy songs and happy songs. (1975)

Rounds from Many Countries

Rounds From Many Countries

A Collection of Fifty Canons for Singing and Recorder Playing (1961)


Okki-Tokki-unga - action songs for children

Collection of 55 action songs for little children (1976)



Baroque & Folk - Tunes for the Recorder

57 Tunes - An unusual collection of music arranged for the recorder, from over 300 years of music. Includes introduction and guitar chords. (1976)

Strawberry Fair

Strawberry Fair - 51 Traditional songs

A musical merry go-round of the best-known and best-loved traditional songs from around the British Isles. (1985)

Australian Ways With Orff

Australian Ways With Orff - CD

Song repertoire and support material + CD

ANCOS (2001)


Flying Around

Flying A Round - 88 rounds and partner songs

A lively collection of rounds and partner songs, graded in difficulty, some original and some familiar, and from all around the world. (1998)


All I Want For Christmas 1  

Marian Woodlands & Margaret McGowan-Jackson 

M'n'M Music (1995)

19 Christmas Songs and activities for children.

Written for Christmas conferences run by OSASA 1991-1994. Originally accompanied by a tape.

Finger Play

Finger Play

This book has 24 finger play and songs for pre-K and elementary school aged kids. (1955)


Sydney Sinfonia Tour Resource Kit

2001 Regional Tour Resource Kit - Book + CD

Richard Gill (Artistic Director, Curriculium Advisor) Margaret Moore (Education Manager)           

NSW, Australia Council for the Arts + NSW Ministry for the arts

Offering Orchestration, Background, Outcomes, Structure, Activities for each piece: Tarantella from La Boutique Fantasque by Rossini/Respighi, Polka from Schwanda the Bagpiper by Jaromir Weinberger, Irish Tune from County Derry by Percy Grainger, Village Fair (excerpt) by Miriam Hyde